Engineering Stage

We will custom design your tool depending on your budget. PME's first step with a new project is to assign an engineer with strong mold making and design experience to be the customer's right hand This engineer supervises the program through final production approvals. The design of the tool or mold is crucial because it dictates how well the part will run once it is put into production. The style and layout of the ejection system and cooling channels among other things determines how fast the part can run and thus the amount of labour required. The earlier you include PME engineering into the development of your plastic product, the surer you are of the product's eventual success in the market. Errors which pass through the design phase are ten times as costly as those in the manufacturing phase. Our ability to work in Autocad and Pro E through electronic file transfers will reduce product design time significantly. Our project engineers manage your project from tool design through product validation. 


Mold Making Stage

Mold tooling is designed and built by true craftsmen using CAD/CAM and the latest CNC and EDM equipment. Typically we use P20 or H13 tool steel in the construction of our customer tooling. Occasionally, if a product has low anticipated quantities, or a customer requests it, we will use other materials. Our injection mold quotes are very competitive, and our lead times are usually relatively short. 

Taiwan is amongst the top mold builder nations in the world and as such has been used as an information transfer bridge with China, therefore almost 50% of our injection molds are built there nowadays.

Production Stage

On customer's demand we can run the production. PME presents a wide range of services including injection molding, assembly, pad printing and custom packaging. Machine sizes range from 50-tons to 1300-tons. We are ISO 9002 certified which ensures that everything is under strict quality control. High level of flexibility in production is our specialty. We will not cut corners or sacrifice quality in order to make the price fit. We will honestly and openly tell you what we can and cannot do. In addition, advantages to having a manufacturer with an in house tool room for building tooling are two fold. First, you are able to deal with the same people "From Conception to completion". Secondly, the people building the tooling are the same people putting it into production. So you know that the tooling will be built with the best material and workmanship available, to insure an efficient and profitable experience for both. 

PME is not the only injection molder in the market. However, our unique blend of capabilities, quality, promptness of delivery, state-of-art processes and cost performance parts are factors that have made us the company that will serve you reliably now and into the future.